I Got Sunburnt Today.

I’m tired and it’s late so this is a really super duper quick update but I went to the beach today and I finished the first draft of ‘Fog, Dog and a Skippers Log’! I also got sunburnt and now my shower is broken again (because it’s a student house, and a crap one at that) So it’s either scalding hot (I have actually had a serious burn before) or freezing headache-inducing cold. And because I’m tired and sunburnt and drained from writing so much today I am now incredibly grumpy with gross beach hair.

But I finished a draft and that’s a positive. Optimism is key.

Gwelly time.
Don’t tread on the flowers

F x

I Started Writing.

Hi Everyone!

So I started writing a first draft of ‘Fog…’ last night. Got about three pages done, only seven more to go. I am going kayaking later but I think I can get a bit more done before Rosie arrives. If not then I’ve got this evening. I also really should start reading more for the essay but I just don’t feel like sitting inside reading when the weather is this lovely. I could take a book to the beach I suppose but I like to do more than just sitting around. I’d rather walk. I could read essay books before bed (seeing as how it’s more writers talking about writing), I don’t know. I’ll make time somewhere in my schedule.

I saw something really interesting on pinterest that I think really applies to me and my own process. It was a text post that said when re-drafting, instead of going through and editing it’s better to rewrite because it makes the changes you need to make go deeper and the story ultimately gets better as you go along. I think this is why I find handwriting the first draft so helpful. Also it means I don’t have to drag my laptop around. But writing it by hand means I can ramble on and make mistakes and also, once it’s typed up properly (and backed up a million times) I can burn the original so no one has to see the absolute trash I produced. Although I’m too sentimental when it comes to my first drafts and I will never actually burn them. I have boxes full of first drafts that I’ve kept with me, some since I was about twelve. Ridiculous because I’m not like it with anything else – I am an anti-hoarder.

With this draft I want to get it finished by tomorrow evening, then I can spend Sunday after work (I finish at 4) doing the tasks for the John Yorke Course. Then maybe I’ll be able to write the second short over the next week. I think that one will take a bit longer, it’s more complicated and has so far taken a lot more work than this one. I just hope that even though I am finding this one quite easy I can still do it justice. I think this one just needs to get done and typed up, and then it can ‘rest’ for a bit while I get the other first drafts done. I think this one will all come out in the editing and peer reviewing.

I also had an idea for another short last week that I forgot about until I found my notes on it in my bag. This is the thing about having taken a year off of writing completely, as soon as I take it up seriously again I get idea’s literally all the time. Ordinarily I would just spend a day or two writing as much as I could on the idea until I sort of got it out of my system but I don’t really have time for that with such a tight deadline, that is now only two months away. If I start worrying about that I will never get anything done and panic will set in so I’m just pretending right now that there is no deadline and that I’m doing this for myself. Yay for denial!

Well I need to crack on, got loads to do now.

Don’t tread on the flowers,
F x

Just A Quick Hello

First vlog/blog posts are always awkward, I find. Bare with me rambling on.

Hi I’m Froshie and this is my blog to go with my vlog which is all about creative writing. Screenwriting in particular! As you will see in the ‘About Me’ section of my page I have started this particular blog up in order to help document my processes for the last stage of my Masters degree: A screenwriting portfolio.

For this I am writing:

One feature: Our Perennials (WT) – Marigold spends her days gardening for a sweet old couple, Lavender and Garnet, and her evenings taking care of her sister. When Lavender’s terminal illness takes a turn for the worst, Marigold has to deal with Andrew, Lavender’s fat, lazy, grumpy son who moves in to ‘help’ his dad. When her alcoholic mother returns from the dead, her family secrets become harder to hide from her employers, but they have secrets of their own.

Short #1: If A Tree Falls (WT) – A young girl makes a den in the woods and using some of her mums ashes in an attempt to grow an oak tree, but when a group of older kids discover her den, they have other idea’s.

Short #2: Fog, A Dog, And A Skippers Log (WT) – Robert and his little dog take his best friends ashes for one last fishing trip, but when danger strikes, can he learn to let go?

I am also writing an essay hence this blog. It makes life much easier when it comes to writing it when I have a whole back log of daily (I’m thinking optimistically here) blog posts to reflect on.

I am also doing the ‘Story for Screen’ online course by John Yorke. And this week we are learning how to write prĂ©cis’. Week two and already it’s really helping – and I’m not just saying that, I’m normally not very good with these sort of structured writing things but it is helping me to think more deeply about my own work before I get to the actual writing. Which I need to do, especially now that the treatments and character bio’s are finished. I should probably email them to my tutor, actually.

Anyway I am going to have dinner because I don’t think there is anything else to say today.

Don’t tread on the flowers,
F x