Hello you lovely lot.

It’s me, Froshie, Cornwall based author and poet, and I am here to shamelessly boast to you all about my writing processes, performances, and projects.

I started this blog in 2017 during my masters degree (in film and television) to document my screenwriting portfolio development, and have simply kept it going on a semi-regular basis. I have recently redecorated, with an amber and amethyst theme, and got rid of the “Pens & Perennials” name (not completely, more on that soon) so that you know me from the moment you arrive.

My preferred mediums to write in are Poems, Novels & Short Stories, and Scripts for Screen, but honestly I’ll write anything if given the opportunity. I’ve recently begun performing my poetry too, and have done so at some Cornish festivals such as ‘The Great Estate’, ‘Penzance Literary Festival’, & ‘Port Eliot’. Check out my blog to read all about it, and if you’re interested in attending any more, just look at the Events page.

Anyway that’s enough from me.
Don’t tread on the flowers.
F x