I Wrote Lot’s Today

I know that it’s only mid afternoon but I’ve been really productive today. Dan and I went out for a few hours to sit in a cafe and had a nice lunch, both doing some work for a while before coming home before the weather got too bad. I have commandeered the desk for a while so that I can do some work and spread out without hurting my back. Normally this isn’t an issue because I’m so used to doing work on my laptop but sometimes hand writing gets a little bit backache inducing because I tend to slouch more. Also I forget that I normally type up properly at the library on campus. Which is great for essay writing but it’s really not a great place to do creative writing. And I associate it with academia anyway.

I’ve also been working on a few poems and a short story for literary competitions that are opening over the summer. I am really keen to get my work out there and I don’t want to keep putting my non-script stuff to one side if I can help it. But obviously I’ve paid through the nose for this course and script writing is my primary medium so that will have priority. I’ve also been looking for script writing competitions and stuff too but it’s more difficult for me to trust them – obviously there’s the legit ones that I’ve heard about through uni or stuff like BBC writers room but some of them look proper dodgy and I don’t have any way of judging whether they are actually dodgy or whether I’m judging a book by it’s cover. Feel free to suggest any though 🙂 I’m shameless I know.

I don’t have anything else to report to you. Weather is crap today so now that I’m home I’m going to crack on and actually get this script draft finished today. I am not moving until it’s finished! I want to have it typed up and sent off before we move this weekend. I need to get cracking so I can get the feature underway. It’s starting to make me a bit nervous, I think I said this the other day. The sooner I get started the better really. So I’m gunna go crack on with it.

Before that, check out this awesome flower we saw on our walk last night! I haven’t found out what it is yet but I’m going to look it up after I finish writing today.

Don’t tread on the flowers



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