Grey Saturday.

It’s amazing how awful I am at remembering to update this.

My tutorials were cancelled on Thursday so I sent my tutor the first draft of ‘Fog…’ for him to peruse at leisure. I still need to rewrite the ending, like, desperately. Until then I have started writing the second short. This one is so very different. It’s so much easier to get into the head of the main character. This might be because I’ve been a bookish thirteen year old girl who likes camping and growing plants, and I’ve never been a man in his late sixties. I found the original notes I wrote last year for “if a tree falls” and even though I’ve taken time out from writing since then it changed so much. For the better in my opinion. I had to strip so much from it and take it right back down to basics. Originally the apple came from an allotment that she stole it from.

I also started reading things for the essay. I’ve come up with some sort of plan on how to write it. I want to delve deeper into writing about death, not so much as a catharsis like I did in my undergraduate course but more in a sense that it’s such a universal thing we have to deal with, but everybody experiences it differently. It’s both like, universal and completely independent. I also want to talk about the philosophy of stories and how we tell them to make sense of the world around us, which I guess is catharsis in itself. But why do I need to tell these three stories? Why was it so important for me to write them now? And there’s that whole ‘There are seven basic storylines” theory, which is accurate af apparently. I need to do so much more research of course, but I am currently preoccupied with first drafts and moving house (oh yeah I move house in a week). I feel like the essay needs to sit on the back burner for a bit. Not completely, because whenever I write or read anything it’s stuff I can add to the notes and plan BUT it’s not the priority until the drafts are done.

I finished all my tasks for the second session of the John Yorke course already so the weekend is my own. The third session starts on Monday so thats going to be a busy day. I have work tomorrow all day but I’m going to really push for the handwritten draft of this short to get finished by the time I go to bed Sunday evening. I should probably get back to it now, especially as I just got caught dad-dancing to the Sing Street soundtrack by my boyfriend. Can you Dad-dance if you’re not a dad? I’m going to say yes, you can do anything, (“you gotta put the peddle down, and drive it like you stole it, roll it, this is your life’).

Don’t tread on the flowers

F x

Ps, Shout out to Lia and Chris, missed you guys, it was great to see you both.

holding an apple
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