Things I Learned About Ice Cream

I was at work yesterday, and in between serving customers and sorting the delivery I had an idea for a scene in ‘Fog’, where Peter and Robert met as kids. I decided they would meet as pre-teens by an ice cream van – but then it struck me that I didn’t actually know when mister whippy ice cream became and thing, and whose (genius) idea was it to put a flake in it? So I googled. Turns out Mister Whippy ice cream became a thing in the late fifties and it started with ice cream trucks in West Philadelphia, different from the ones that sold packet ice cream (which descended from a horse and cart) these were fitted with machines that made the soft ice cream 99’s. In America they were known as mister softies (try not to giggle, like I did) by Lyons but in the UK the ice cream company Walls decided to compete with their own brand of mister whippy, sold in ice cream VANS (not trucks) around London and Kent. Business boomed and ice cream van owners were willing to pay the extra £3k+ for one of these vans instead of the traditional packet ice cream vans. And that’s how it became the traditional British staple we know and love, around tourist spots everywhere. There are no less than five in Falmouth in summer. And on Pendennis Point there are two that compete with each other in the car park.

So once I got home I managed to FINALLY finish typing up the first draft, just in time for my tutorial today. I’m still behind schedule, and no where near where I want to be by now, but I feel like it’s an achievement worth mentioning. I had a dream where I sent it to my dad to see what he thought and he hated it and didn’t speak to me for three days – which would never happen irl. It’s because his poem inspired it and I want to do it justice, for his sake. The poem is really good and brings a tear to my eye whenever I read it.

I’m not particularly happy with the ending right now, it’s a bit naff but I’ve got an idea of how to change it – I might talk it through with my group at lunchtime and see how they feel about it. Dan likes it though, and he is also a writer so I trust him to be honest.

I should probably get dressed and start the day.

Also I have a Vlog to edit after the gym this afternoon so keep your eyes peeled.

Don’t tread on the flowers,

F x


lyons ice cream


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