I Hate First Drafts.

IMG_2975First drafts of everything suck. It’s the law. They have to suck. And reading over what I wrote the other day as I type it up makes me cringe. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done this I still feel really rubbish whenever I try and edit a first draft.

My friend Shannon wrote a musical for her dissertation recently and she had “The first draft of everything is shit” written on a big piece of paper above her work space. Why is this such a universal thing?

I reckon it’s to stop people who aren’t serious about it. Especially creative stuff. If you’re not ready to take that honkin’ pile of toilet fodder and make it less and less disgusting, you won’t do it. And that’s fine.

And to be quite honest I’ve had to stop for the day before it ruined my mood. I’m not ready to ruin this treatment with my crap actual writing just yet. I’ll carry on tomorrow, and because I’m not working I might go and find a nice coffee shop somewhere and spend the remainder of my allocated spending money (yes, I give myself an allowance because I am both responsible and completely irresponsible with money), on coffee. And I’m not going to the gym tomorrow because guess who overworked themselves today then forgot to stretch? That’d be me. Typing hurts.

On the plus side I could get very used to this working from home stuff. I know it’s for my course and I still have to go to my actual job but it’s not the same when I’m doing sixteen hours and then writing the rest of the time at home (or wherever I feel like writing). And I’ve got some new housewifey friends at the gym. I say friends, I mean this term totally loosely, where we share small talk before I jump onto the thing I was waiting for.

Also weirdly enough there are so many guys that go to the gym during the weekday. They’re probably doing similar things to me, service industry jobs that mean their weekends are the opposite of you people’s weekends, so they have time off in the week. By why so many?? Crazy. I’ve gone off topic.

I’m a third of the way through typing up ‘Fog’ and because it’s such a ballache I feel like I’m falling behind with my work. But it’s cool. It’s not like it’s anything important – OH WAIT.

But seriously I need to be so much more disciplined. I’ve also let my bullet journalling slide which is probably my problem. We all know I live and breathe because of that thing. I might spend some time after work tonight getting organised.

I’ve also just remembered I need to do my task for the John Yorke stuff tomorrow, in time for Wednesday. Oh tomorrow is going to be a long day of creative writing! And that isn’t a bad thing.

Anyway I have to go have dinner and then head to work.

Don’t tread on the flowers
F x


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